Sales Promotion

Tim Horton’s is Canada’s favourite coffee and doughnut restaurant, as well as Canada’s largest fast food service. Any Canadian could say Tim Horton’s Slogan: “Always fresh, always Tim Horton’s”. As a business it was founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964 by two men, Tim Horton and Jim Charade. From then on Tim Horton’s gradually took over as Canada’s largest food service operator. Known originally for its Coffee and Doughnut, its menu has expanded in many way now offering delicious things such as: Timbits, Bagels, Muffins, Soups, Chillies, Sandwiches, Iced Cappuccinos, Croissants, Cookies and much more.

Tim Horton’s is always expanding and trying new things. They often have new promotions that offer a new menu item for a specific period of time. If the item sells well then Tim Horton’s makes it permanent on there menu. This Month Tim Horton’s introduce new two new flavours in there scrumptious Timbits. Tim Horton’s Timbits come in many different flavours and are offered in a variety of convenient Snack Packs, box’s range from a box of 10, 20 or 40 Timbits. They are the perfect treat for the road. For a limited time, they are offering new Banana and Blueberry Glazed Timbits. These two new flavours sound delicious to me! A banana timbit is just like a little ball of banana bread, a home made bake goods everyone love. The blue berry timbit is a great way to offer something lighter and summery as fresh fruit is always a favourite in the summer. This promotion is an example of one of the two common strategies within sales promotions; it’s called a Push promotion strategy. A marketing manager uses the push promotion when he or she wants to push the product-service mix through the service system to encourage sales and an increase in purchases and increase in the consumption by consumers. These two new flavours are being advertised in many ways to push consumer to purchase them. From Commercials, to sign and poster, these new flavour of timbits are defiantly something people want to try.

The role of this promotion for Tim Horton’s is to introduce new products and services and also to encourage present guests to purchase more. They had to create awareness of their new products to attract guests and create a desire. Then they needed to encourage the guests to purchase more by packaging different products at one price that is less the buying them separately. The timbit snack packs are a great example of this. Buying 6 different flavours of donuts just in a smaller form is cheaper then buying the donuts themselves. This is a great way to increase sales by encouraging guests to purchase more.

There are many positives and negative to this promotion. One thing I thought was really great about the promotion is the flavour choices of the timbits. They are really different then the timbit that already exist and they are a great alternative to some of the sweeter flavours. One this I thought they could have done better is the way they present the timbits. People don’t usually buy just one timbit so when they advertise they are selling a whole box witch makes it harder to really sell the new flavours themselves. But over all I found it to be a great idea because timbit are so loved!

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