Gaps I’ve Seen

There are so many gaps in the service quality; there are standard gaps, knowledge gaps, delivery gaps, communication gaps, and service gaps, all of which affect the quality of service that customers receive. I am sure everyone has experienced all of these gaps at some point in their life.

Recently I experienced a gap when I went to McDonald’s with my boyfriend Josh. He ordered a burger and when we sat down to eat he took a bite out of his burger and realized that it was missing the patty. Somewhere in the preparation of his meal they must have forgot the key ingredient in his burger. When he realized that his burger was missing the patty he went back to the counter and told the women at the cash. She apologized and got him a new burger.

The gap experienced in service that day was a delivery gap. A Delivery gap is the difference between service delivery expectations and actual service delivery. Josh had expected that his burger was made with all the ingredients and that when he ate it, it would be just what he wanted, but it was actually made without a patty. Although this was not a major gap and as soon as josh went to the counter the gap closed when she apologized and replaced his burger. This does show an example of how easily gaps can occur in service quality. A great way to avoid and fix delivery gaps is to keep communication open at all times. It is important to be not only communicating with your customers but also with the other employees. Having a conflict free environment serves to create smooth service for customers. As long as employees are being encouraged, and communicated with and there is no conflict. Customers and staff will be happy.


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