Advertisement Evaluation

In this blog I will be evaluating an advertisement. I chose to pick this print ad for Hop islands. In the following I will describe the product/service that Hop islands offers, describing its target market and the benefits they are looking for, identify the message being communicated and comment on improvements that could be made.


Hop Island is a getaway that distinguishes itself as different from a resort. Traditionally resorts advertise and communicate on the resort itself such as their beach and its activities, weather, natural environment. To be different then other resorts hop Island has chosen to focus on the apparent inconvenience, the nearby city, and its attractions, especially at night, which attracts the younger population.

Target Market:

Hop Island is definitely trying to generate a younger target market by having these options that traditional resorts do not have. Young people who want to do more then just enjoy the stars at night can go into the city that’s within walking distance; they can indulge in all this cities attractions such as night shows, shopping, restaurants and so much more. These options are an eye grabber for young adults ready to party and aren’t as concerned in relaxing. They get the best of both worlds.

The message:

The message that this ad is delivering that you can have more then just your typical resort. You can have the fun of the city life along with the relaxation of an island resort. Its say that Hop Islands offers this and that it is unique and different and trendy, something that you won’t find anywhere else.

Changes and improvements:

This ad has a beautiful picture showing the concept of both the city and the beach. It also does a good job with louring wording. One thing that I do thing it could improve on is adding more contact information. Someone going to see this ad and want to know where do I find more information?


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