Marketing Concept

The Marketing concept is anticipating and solving problems to meet the needs and wants of guests by providing affordable products and services. There are always many disappointing bad stories of businesses not meeting the marketing concept, but there are also good stories of businesses going above and beyond the marketing concept. One experience I had that showed the marketing concept in an above and beyond way was my experience at the restaurant Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill.

I went to Jack Astor’s with a friend for a girl’s night out and a little catching up. We got to the restaurant and the host was very polite and asked whether we would prefer a table or a booth and then when we chose she sat us and gave us our menu. When it came time to order we asked for an appetizer along with our meal. While we were waiting we got caught up into talk and forgot all about the time until the manager came to our table and started to profusely apologize for our late appetizer and told us how it got burnt and they had to remake it. The manager was very polite and apologetic and even offered to pay for our whole meal. We said no because we didn’t even notice that it had not come, we we’re so caught up in conversation but we really appreciated all he offered.

In all honesty it would have also been a good example of the marketing concept if the appetizer had been on time and enjoyed the rest of our meal. But this accident that occurred and how it was handled really showed how well Jack Astor’s treats its customers and the quality of service they give.

At the end of the night my friend and I both left having had a great experience and really appreciated the wonderful service that was provided. The restaurant showed an example of the marketing concept by anticipating as well as meeting our needs and going above and beyond our expectations. It really gave me a good view of the restaurant Jack Astor’s. I left thinking I would definitely go there again and that is the end goal for both the restaurant and the consumer, a pleased guest that will return and a reliable restaurant with good service.


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