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Tom’s is a bar and grill restaurant similar to Montana’s or Kelsey’s located in locations all over Ottawa. It is a restaurant that can be seen in your local areas and in or around shops. They offer verity of lunch and dinner menus that all range in option and price. When you walking to tom’s you get a warm feel from the earthy tones that surround you from everything such as the wood, furniture, upholstery and more. There is both a bar area and a formal seating area to provide for those wanting a more casual experience or a formal experience at the restaurant. The bar area always has great music playing and also feature TV’s for those wanting to come and enjoy the game.

Tom’s is a great restaurant for everyone. It targets all ages, families, youth, and elderly, anywhere from 20- 80. Tom’s is not overly expensive; it caters to the average middle income guests. It gets most business in the evening between 5:00-8:00 when the dinner rush comes in. The weekends are also always a busy time when people have more time to come out and enjoy their evening.

With a verity of guests and such a broad market, most of our guests are walk in’s, although Tom’s does offer a wonderful website that features everything from menus explanations, to reservations, promotions or events. The website is defiantly their main media mix. Others include Facebook, beautiful outdoor displays, and TV commercials.

The Following Facebook add refers to tom’s summer deal of all cocktails and mocktails. The deal is offer a buy one get one free system on the summer drink selection. It is targeted to Tom’s older guests who will enjoy a nice cool beverage after a hard day at work or a long week.



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