Customer Observed

This Blog explores consumer marketing segmenting and the five basic types variables that marketing managers us when doing this. The Five basic types are Geographic, Demographic, psychographic, Behavior and Benefits. I don’t have a job currently so it was hard for me to observe a customer and be able to able these Variables. Therefore I decided to interview my sister who worked at Tim Horton’s and always came home talking about a frequent customer that came in while she was working the morning shift. According to her this is how the customer fell into the five basic variables:


Geographic segmentation is a type of segmentation that looks at the consumers geographic area of residence. The Tim Horton’s being discussed is located in Green Bank Mall, which is in Nepean. From what I know this customer lived really close to the Tim Horton’s because she walks every more to get a coffee and a single Tibet. She actually only lived a few block away from the restaurant and enjoy the exercise and the reward of a nice Tim Horton’s coffee


Demographic segmentation is a type of segmentation that looks at demographics such as income, age, gender and ethnicity. This customer was an white elderly woman but still but still quite active. She was probably in her late 60’s.  She seemed to be a middle income women currently retired. She is petite in size but not in personality as she loved to talk to the entire staff and any other customers. Her friendly heart was always a nice to have around.


Psychographic segmentation is a type of segmentation that looks at lifestyle, attitudes, and personality. This customer was very happy and seemed to enjoy life and all it offered. She was a bright personality and was very caring. She actually new most of the staff by name. She only ever only ordered on Tibet because she wanted to stay fit and keep active.  This customer seemed to be smart and know a lot about life, Everyday was filled with a new conversation.  She always had great wisdom to share. When is comes to the VALS Segment, a marketing and consulting tool that segments customer marketplace based on personality traits that drive consumer behavior. I would Call her a believer: Cooperative and conventional, stressing family values; predictable and loyal consumer who prefers familiar products and established brands.


Benefits segmentation is a type of segmentation that looks at the benefits the consumers are seeking when they purchase a product. A benefit for this consumer many be the Location of the restaurant and how it’s a perfect distance from her neighbourhood for walking. As well the fact that she can enjoy the exercise and be able to enjoy a nice Tim Horton’s coffee.


Behavior segmentation is a type of segmentation that looks the behavior that consumers exhibit in the market place. This customer came pretty much every morning and was an expected regular customer for all the staff working. I assume this daily routine or a habit she has to start to each day.


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