Puchases I’ve Made

When making a decision concerning the purchase of any goods or services, a very complex decision making process takes place. Five very important steps occur during this process: Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Post Purchase Decision, each of which is very important. A very important decision I made, where I used this process was my decision to attend Algonquin. The following is the steps I took when I made this decision:

Problem Recognition: The Beginning of my process started when I was at Redeemer University taking social work as a major. I realized that social work was not a career I could see myself succeeding in. This is where I started to question my options and asked my self what career I could see myself doing? And Where I wanted to be? I knew that University wasn’t for me and I needed something new. So I started to look into college.

Information Search: Algonquin was really the only college I wanted to go to because the university I was currently attending was 6 hours away from home so I really liked the idea of going to school in my home city again, close to my family, friends and current boyfriend. They were defiantly a major persuasion when debating to apply to Algonquin. Being away from home was a constant struggle for me when I was at Redeemer so the option to be close to home was very appealing. I did a lot of career counseling and test to help me decide whether this was a good idea and what type of career I would excel in.  I looked at all the program that Algonquin offered and found two or three that blended well with my personality.

Evaluation of Alternatives: I had to then go though my possibilities and way the positives and the negatives of each. Redeemer was a great school where I had developed in all areas of life and if I had liked my program I would still be there. I debated on staying and picking another major but nothing suited me. At this point my only alternative was to go to Algonquin.

Purchase Decision: I Applied to Algonquin and left it there. I waited until I got accepted to really debate it as an option. And when I did I new was the right thing to do. All the external and internal variable came together to produce my choice in Going to Algonquin. Through my family, my need to be near home, my personality, my want, my needs I came to the decision to Leave redeemer and attend Algonquin for the January semester.

Post-Purchase Decision: For the past two months I have been attending Algonquin College and have been really enjoying all aspects of it. My program is really interesting and the people are really friendly. Coming in I was a little scared for this big change in my life and I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a wonderful decision that I am glad I made. This was non compensatory, I new that this was right for me and what I needed and I don’t think anything could have changed that.


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