Good News/ Bad News

Many Company have both negative and positivist publicity. There are many scary stories that you hear and also many stories that are really great. The following is an example of good and bad new in publicity.

Bad news:

My Bad news story came from an online article, describing an experience a young woman had with her two children at a McDonald s in November 2007. The young women had order a chicken nugget happy meal for her children and with in out looking almost consumed a crusted chicken head if it had not been for her young son who noticed before she ate it.

The publicity that has resulted due to this story is all bad of course. The manager only offered them their meal free as well as two more weeks of free meals, which did not satisfy the mother who pressed charges of 100,000 dollars in compensation.

Good news:

My good news story comes from Tim Horton’s and their effort in their summer camp for kids. On June 1st all purchases of Tim Horton’s coffee helped give thousands of kids across Canada and the United States the opportunity to enjoy the experience of summer camp. More than 3,700 Tim Horton’s Restaurants donated heir coffee sales On June 1st to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, which raised $9.9 million dollars.  This money helped to send more then 14, 000 economically disadvantaged kid s to camp. This foundation is amazing and created well deserved good publicity for Tim Horton’s and their desire to give back.

The affect of this good publicity will be to increase awareness of the company and of the foundation which will benefit both in many ways. I believe that it will also improve the image of Tim Horton’s, showing that they stand for good things that increase community and growth in life.



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