Environmental Scan

The marketing environment can have a major impact on the Hospitality Industry. Areas such as politics, Natural happenings, Technological changes, economics and human changes all influence the Hospitality Industry. There affect can make a great impact you can see that in the following examples:


A concern in the hospitality industry that is causing serious issues is bedbugs. Bedbugs are an increasing pest of travelers, as well as hoteliers, innkeepers and bed and breakfasts all over. U.S. Studies have shown that that there has been and increase in bedbugs by 500 per cent in the past decade. There are prediction that the will become a global pandemic of bedbugs because of an increase in international travel.  New York City, Philadelphia and Detroit were identified as the top three most infested. Last fall a woman sued the five-star hotel in New York for financial and emotional damages after a visit in which she experienced bedbugs. The bugs followed her back to her home and eventually forced her family to move out for six weeks and pay $4,500 in cleaning and extermination bills. This has become such a serious issue that now 60 per cent of travelers worry about bedbugs. The costs, stress and issue that these little bugs cause the The hospitality industry is crazy.


On Monday the 7th of last week hundreds of Egyptian tour guides gathered to urge tourists to return to the country. The fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime and the commotion of the past weeks, as well as the media coverage of days of violent clashes have all scare off visitors and killed Egypt’s tourism industry, which has threatened thousands of jobs. The man in women tour guides who are loosing their jobs gathered at the Giza Plateau site holding flags and banners in all languages saying “Egypt loves you.” Egypt’s tourism industry makes up sin per cent of domestic product and unfortunately February is the height of the holiday season. This creates serious devastation for the working the hospitality and tourism industry in Egypt.


The Hospitality Industry is greatly affected by technology and its continuous changing. Smart phone applications provide travelers with better organization and help in planning schedules. When weather, security and other issues causes the stressful trouble for traveler apps on smart phones can be quite helpful. Users can booking flights a head of time saving time and will be constantly updated on flight status. Other apps can provide detailed maps and weather updates, as well as locating the nearest hotel and giving detail information about them. Apps such as Tripit, AllSubway HD, FlightTrack and Boingo are popular choice for business travelers. Applications such as these are a great way for hotels and services to bring in customer and clients.


In January there was a start to new security precautions in Canadian airports. Passengers at Canadian airports may find themselves to be experiences inspection then usual. The federal government gave has put in place the pilot project, which allow the monitoring of passenger behaviour to sense possible terrorists. The Vancouver International Airport is so far the only air port to have this program. As soon as the program is installed completely there will be trained officers who look for abnormal and suspicious behaviour among the travellers as they roam about the airport. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other places a program that is similar to this has been installed. This new pilot project that the government has installed can be quite the scare or deterrence for travellers, this then affecting the Hospitality industry


Ryanair is an Irish airline has had trouble that past few weeks with students from Belgian. There was a huge argument about luggage fee, which led to the creation of a video demonstrating how to pack luggage. Quite large group of Belgain students were taken off the Ryanair flight after shouting and erupting because the group of student wouldn’t pay for their oversized luggage before boarding the plane. Due to this immense situation the company provided a link to a Youtube video that teaches you how to pack light. Ryanair airlines stated that the video show passenger how to pack the proper amount of clothing for tow weeks time into a 10kg carry on bag. This shows how easily humans and the costumer of this world can affect the industries around them.








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