Perceptual Map

Perceptual mapping is a technique used to construct a graphic representation of how consumers in a market perceive a competing set of products relative to each other. The perceptual map above is a comparing the price and quality of fast food French fries. The fast food restaurants being compare in this map are: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, A&W and Harvey’s. I also compared them to a restaurant I created and the pricing and quality I would make my French fries at. I had many thoughts and observations while creating this perceptual map. Some of them are the following:

There are strengths, weakness and similarities in a lot of the restaurants:

Strengths: Weaknesses: Similarities:
  • When it comes to price Burger King is defiantly the Cheapest which maybe be a decision factor for some consumers.
  • McDonald’s strength is the fact that they have the highest rate in quality. People like McDonald’s French fries and may pay more to enjoy better quality.
  • A weakness I saw in Wendy’s is that they have a high price and a low quality rating. This will certainly affect the popularity of Wendy’s.
  • Harvey’s may have trouble competing with McDonald’s because they are right behind McDonald’s when I comes to both Price and Quality.
  • Wendy’s, Burger king, and A&W all that this same rating when is comes to Quality.
  • McDonald’s and Harvey’s have the same price for their French fries.

There are obvious consumer desires that are and aren’t being met:

Consumer desires are very important factor to discuss when comparing Price and Quality. Consumers want the best quality for the cheapest price. Restaurants have to do their best to satisfy the consumer desires. As seen in the Perceptual map McDonald’s seems to a consumer best option to satisfy both of their needs in price and quality. Although burger king is the best when it comes price, they don’t have good quality. McDonald’s is defiantly popular and a favorite to many.

My reasoning behind my restaurant placement:

After looking at all the Restaurant I had to think about where I wanted to place mine. I really wanted to keep in mind consumers desires. My best bet was to find a place where I was satisfying consumer desires for low pricing and high quality. I chose a price of  $1.50 for a regular or medium fry. I thought this was a good choice because it’s not too low or high. The highest was $1.79 at Wendy’s and the lowest $1.19 at Burger King. I felt it was a manageable price that is satisfying to people. The Quality I would like to have my fries at would be a rating of 8. This is the same rating at McDonald’s, which would defiantly make them be a main competitor. My Restaurant would be good competition and a health alternative for consumer.


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